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Dan Neary - Soil Scientist & Hydrologist

Daniel G. Neary

Supervisory Research Soil Scientist
2500 South Pine Knoll Drive
United States

Phone: 928-556-2176
Fax: 928-556-2130
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Current Research

  • Cascabel Watersheds prescribed fire impacts;
  • Beaver Creek Watersheds forest fuels reduction impact assessment;
  • Soils effects of fire and fire surrogate fuels treatments;
  • ICP2 climate monitoring Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest;
  • Watershed impacts of the 2000 Coon Creek Fire, the 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Wildfire, and the 2010 Schultz Fire;
  • Providing the most current information to forest and fire managers on the watershed impacts of wildfires, prescibed fires, and fuels treatments to guide NEPA analyses and management activities.
  • Research Interests

    My current research interests are the impacts of prescribed fires and wildfires on watersheds and soils. I am also keen on rejuvenating Forest Service watershed research in the Southwest. I am also active in promoting the sustainable and environmentally sound use of forest bioenergy as a means of dealing with excessive fuel loadings in forests.

    Past Research

    Water is everything! National Forests in the western USA are sources of water supply for over 3500 municipalities in the western USA. Fire is and will continue to be a major disturbance factor in forests of the West. We need to understand the impacts of these disturbances on watersheds and document the tradeoffs of mitigation measures like fuels thinning and prescribed fires.

    Why This Research is Important

    I have over 420 publications dealing with many water-related and ecological topics. A few key publications are:

    1. DeBano, L.F.; Neary, D.G.; Ffolliott, P.F. 1998. Fire's Effects on Ecosystems. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 333 p.;

    2. Neary, D.G.; Klopatek, C.C.; DeBano, L.F.; Ffolliott, P.F. 1999. Effects of fire on belowground sustainability: A review and synthesis. Forest Ecology and Management. 122: 51-71.; and

    3. Neary, D.G.; Ryan, K.C.; DeBano, L.F. (Editors) 2005 (Revised 2008). Fire effects on soil and water. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-42, Volume 4: Fort Collins, CO. 250 p.


    • Michigan State University, B.S. Forestry 1969
    • Michigan State University, M.S. Forest Ecology 1972
    • Michigan State University, Ph.D. Forest Soils and Forest Hydrology 1974

    Professional Organizations

    • Soil Science Society of America, Member, Fellow, Chair (1974 - Current)

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