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Dave Nagel

David E. Nagel

GIS Analyst/Physical Scientist
322 East Front Street, Suite 401
United States

Phone: 208-373-4397
Fax: 208-373-4391
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Current Research

  • Emerging spatial concepts in catchment science and riverscape theory
  • Digital spatial constructs for representing stream networks and connected landscapes
  • Spatial analysis support for landscape scale watershed and aquatics research
  • Remote sensing analysis
  • Technology transfer through data production and distribution

Research Interests

Development of landscape scale spatial models that substantially impact aquatic biology, such as: debris flow prediction, valley morphology mapping, stream gradient estimates, and stream temperature modeling.

Past Research

Landscape-scale work involving: land cover and vegetation mapping from satellite imagery, wetland mapping, air inversion modeling.

Why This Research is Important

Debris flows may damage homes, structures, and roads in valleys, but also impact the biology of invasive and endangered species. Stream gradient and temperature have a major influence on the location and number of game fish, such as cutthroat trout.


  • Michigan State University, B.S. Resource Development 1986
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, M.S. Environmental Monitoring 1991

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