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Christina Liang

Christina Liang

Research Ecologist
60 Nowelo Street
United States

Phone: 808-933-8121 x150
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Current Research

Current projects:

  • Survivorship and ecological impacts of the non-native invasive coqui frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui) in native Hawaiian forests
  • Density of non-native black rat (Rattus rattus) in Hawaiian forest ecosystems
  • Movement pattern and habitat use of the Yosemite toad (Anaxyrus [= Bufo] canorus) in the Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Landscape genomics of two ecologically important tree species, koa (Acacia koa) in Hawaii and valley oak (Quercus lobata) in California
New project (to be started in 2014):
  • Impact of non-native predators on pollinators and native plant reproduction in a Hawaiian dryland ecosystem

Research Interests

I am interested in the conservation of endemic wildlife species and native ecosystems in Hawaii and California, particularly in relation to environmental change such as non-native invasive species, forest management activities, and changing climate. Major objectives of my research include (1) determining ecological impacts of non-native invasive wildlife species in Hawaii, (2) investigating the ecology of native amphibian species in California, and (3) developing landscape-level studies related to the conservation and management of endemic species in both Hawaii and California.


  • University of California, Ph.D. Ecology 2010
  • University of Michigan, M.S. Biology 1998
  • University of California, B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies 1994
  • University of California, B.A. Integrative Biology 1994


Research Highlights


Environmental factors associated with genetic variation in the Hawaiian koa tree

Forest Service scientists looked at the association between environmental variables and genetic variation in the endemic Hawaiian tree species, ...


Landscape Genomics of Koa Tree (Acacia koa)

Forest Service scientists examined patterns of genetic differentiation throughout the genome of the Hawaiian koa tree (Acacia koa) and associate ...


Strangers at their Doors: Hawaiian Plants and Non-native Pollinators

Forest Service researchers spent 576 hours observing potential pollinators for eight native plant species in a Hawaiian tropical dryland system. ...


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