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Amanda Uowolo

Amanda L. Uowolo

60 Nowelo Street
United States

Phone: 808-854-2663
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Current Research

  • Monitoring of forest and savanna dynamics in the Republic of Palau
  • Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) agroforestry in Micronesia
  • Remote sensing technology for threatened and endangered plant species recovery
  • Propagation of Hawaiian dryland forest threatened, endangered, and at-risk species for habitat suitability modeling
  • Developing novel ecosystems that optimize carbon storage, native biodiversity, and human mobility in lowland Hawaiian forests
  • Forest restoration in degraded savanna grasslands in the Republic of Palau

Research Interests

  • Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) agroforestry in Micronesia
  • Restoration of degraded ecosystems in Hawaii and across the Pacific
  • Long term global forest monitoring
  • Invasive plant species dynamics and impacts in native dominated ecosystems in Hawaii and across the Pacific

Past Research

  • The potential for restoration to break the grass-fire cycle in dryland ecosystems of Hawaii
  • Invasion mechanisms of Senecio madagascariensis and restoration strategies in a subalpine dryland Hawaiian forest following fire
  • Impact of Falcataria moluccana (tamaligi) removal in native dominated forests of American Samoa
  • Population demographics of an invasive exotic tree, Psidium cattleianum (strawberry guava)
  • Use of remote sensing for carbon mapping across the landscape of Hawaii Island
  • Impact of Falcataria moluccana (albizia), an N-fixing tree, on nutrient cycling in lowland wet Hawaiian forests
  • Seed banks, seed predation, and seed longevity of Psidium cattleianum (strawberry guava) in native Hawaiian forests
  • Effects of Falcataria moluccana (albizia) on densities of the invasive coqui frog in lowland wet Hawaiian forests
  • Growth responses of native and invasive plants of similar growth form to variation in light and nutrient availability


  • Colorado State University, M.S. Ecology 2002
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo, B.S. Agriculture Biology 1999

Professional Organizations

  • Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (Non-Profit), Geo-Literacy Education In Micronesia Project: Advisory Board (2017 - Current)

Awards & Recognition

  • USDA Unsung Hero, 2018
    In recognition of outstanding leadership, dedication to excellence, and exemplary public service with the breadfruit agroforestry and food security initiative "Melai Mai" in the Federated States of Micronesia on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture
  • USDA-FS PSW Research Professional of the Year, 2011
    For individual accomplishment and team participation that is extraordinary in its creativity, indepence, originality, degree of commitment, and contribution to progress of scientific research.
  • USDA-FS PSW Community Enhancement and Diversity Award, 2010
    Recognition of an individual for their efforts and accomplishments in promoting diversity in the workplace.

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