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Anne S. Marsh

Anne S. Marsh

National Program Lead, Bioclimatology and Climate Change Research
1400 Independence Ave., SW
District of Columbia
United States

Phone: 703-605-5251
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Current Research

Position Statement:

Anne is responsible for national program development and planning for Forest Service bioclimatology and climate change research. In this position, she develops assessment materials, communicates field research findings, builds strategic alliances and networks, and assists with policy evaluation and research funding, working in close collaboration with USFS Research Stations, universities and natural resource professionals. She provides Forest Service leadership to the USDA Climate Hubs and USDA Global Task Force. She also supports  the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), coordinating Forest Service input to the National Climate Assessment, Our Changing Planet and other USGCRP documents. Anne represents the Forest Service on the USGCRP Carbon Cycle Interagency Working Group and the Federal Adaptation and Resilience Group. Within the Forest Service, she serves as a member of the Experimental Forests and Ranges Working Group, a science advisor to the Climate Change Resource Center, and a Research and Development liaison and science advisor to the Office of Sustainability and Climate.

Research Interests

Anne's current research interest include:

  • Impact of changing weather patterns (temperature and precipitation) on forests and rangelands
  • Interactions between climate change and disturbances (wildfire, insects, disease, invasive species)
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Identification of adaptation practices to increase the resilience of forests and rangelands
  • Mechanisms to increase land-based carbon sequestration
  • Wildland-urban interface under changing conditions

Past Research

Anne's past research interests include:

  • Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on carbon and nitrogen cycling in wetlands
  • Plant functional roles in nutrient cycling and maintenance of primary productivity
  • Development of national indicators on the status and trends of ecosystems
  • Mechanisms to increase forest sustainability in development of wood bioenergy
  • Arctic governance
  • Phosphorus cycling in agricultural soils
  • Developing low cost sensors to measure nutrients in natural waters

Why This Research is Important

Wildfire, drought, insects and other stresses are increasingly affecting forest and rangeland condition and the delivery of goods and services to the American public.  Climate variability and change is contributing to the frequency, severity and incidence of these events in many areas, and can alter productivity. By developing a scientific understanding of the processes that underlie change and by identifying associated risks, we can better identify management opportunities and policies to increase the biological diversity, health, productivity, and sustainability of forests and rangelands.



  • Yale Univeristy, Ph.D. Plant Physiological Ecology/Ecosystem Ecology 1996
  • Yale University, M.F.S. Forest Science 1991
  • Williams College, B.A. Environmental Studies 1986

Professional Experience

  • Faculty , Johns Hopkins University, Krieger School, Advanced Academic Program
  • Program Director, H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
  • Visting Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center


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