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Andy Lister

Andrew J. Lister

Research Forester
3460 Industrial Dr.
United States

Phone: 484-254-6358
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Current Research

I currently work mainly for the National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center (NIMAC), a branch of FIA that addresses the needs of non-traditional FIA clients in areas surrounding inventory design and implementation, spatial modeling, and technology transfer. My main career focus has been on spatial analysis and techniques development, including GIS, remote sensing, and spatial statistics. My research interests include multivariate spatial analysis, simulation studies, forest fragmentation analysis, and image classification methods development.

Research Interests

Recently, a monitoring branch of Northern FIA was developed. This program, which deals with the technical aspects of establishing and implementing a monitoring program, works with international, national, state and local groups interested in developing or refining their own forest monitoring program. Part of my future research in this area will be in support of this new program, and will include small area estimation, geospatial modeling, change detection methods, and monitoring network establishment. The FIA part of my research will focus on regional- and national-scale applications of FIA data to mapping projects, statistical estimation issues, accuracy assessment protocols, forest fragmentation assessments, and unique data display and presentation technologies.

Why This Research is Important

In order for Forest Inventory and Analysis to remain effective, continue to improve, and advance forest inventory science, we need to refine existing and develop new techniques. We also need to communicate to the outside world the most recent information on the status of and trends in our forests in an interesting and meaningful way. Research into techniques development and technology transfer methods advances these goals and benefits the broader forest science community.


  • Pennsylvania State University, Phd Forest Biometrics, Spatial Ecology, Forest Inventory 2018
  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, M.S. Forest Biology 1999
  • Tufts University, Medford, B.S. Biology and Environmental Studies 1992

Professional Organizations

  • Ecological Society of America
  • International Association for Landscape Ecology
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF) (2002 - Present)

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