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Adelaide Johnson

Adelaide (Di) C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Professional Hydrologist
11175 Auke Lake Way
United States

Phone: 907-586-8819
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Current Research

In my current work, I assess geomorphic, hydrologic, and ecologic processes at locations ranging from timberline-alpine meadows to coastal shorelines. I evaluate the effects of natural and human disturbance on water, soil, plants, and aquatic habitats, and conduct mechanistic cross-discipline studies relevant to community well-being that address landslide disturbance, landform change, plant regeneration pattern, and species shifts.

Research Interests

  • Multi-scales of hydrology, from water in individual plants to evaluation of water amount and quality in soils and stream systems
  • Abiotic (nonliving) and biotic (living) linkages
  • Role of disturbance in habitat and microsite creation

Past Research

My past research has included studies evaluating landslide initiation and deposition in old-growth, young-growth, clearcuts, and yellow cedar decline forests; effects of landslide dam-break floods on channel morphology; implications of disturbance on tree species, determination of throughfall quantity and quality, and quantification of large woody debris recruitment to channels; effects of post glacial land rebound on coastal communities; and evaluation of factors influencing forest resource quantity and value.

Why This Research is Important

My research works toward an understanding of whole-system water relationships; knowledge that is integral to detecting influences of both management practices and climate change on water and forest pattern. A better understanding of factors influencing water patterns can help enhance community resilience, guide adaptation plans, and improve restoration techniques.


  • Portland State University, Ph.D. Environmental Studies and Management 2013
  • Johns Hopkins University, M.A. Environmental Engineering 1996
  • University of Washington, M.S. Ecosystem Analysis 1991
  • Hartwick College, B.S. Geology 1982

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