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Eini C. Lowell

Note: this person is no longer a Forest Service Research & Development employee.

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Citations of non US Forest Service Publications

  • Krahmer, R.L.; DeGroot, R.C.; Lowell, E.C. 1982. Detecting incipient brown rot with fluorescence microscopy. Wood Science. 15(2): 78–80.

  • Krahmer, R.L.; Lowell, E.C.; Dougal, E.F.; Wellons, J.D. 1992. Durability of southeast Asian hardwood plywood as shown by accelerated aging tests and 10 year outdoor exposure. Forest Products Journal. 42(4):40–44.

  • Lowell, E.C.; Krahmer, R.L. 1993. Effects of lean in red alder trees on wood shrinkage and density. Wood and Fiber Science 25(1): 2–7.

Research Highlights


Community Biomass Handbook Guides Businesses Seeking to Replace Fossil Fuels with Wood Energy

Available as an eBook, this biomass handbook containes a wood energy financial application that allows users to quickly assess whether wood ener ...


Community Biomass Handbook Volume 4

The Community Biomass Handbook Volume 4: Enterprise Development for Integrated Wood Manufacturing is a guide for creating sustainable business e ...


Community Biomass Handbook for Alaska Published

Volume 2 of the Community Biomass Handbook focuses on Alaska. It is designed to empower communities by helping them determ the best choices for ...


Finding Value in Young-Growth Koa Wood

A demonstration project informs the forest industry in Hawai'i of the quality and uses for young-growth Koa wood


Research Station Helps National Renewable Biofuels Project Engage Community and Industry Leaders

The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance is working to form regional alliances and find communities that might fit into a sustainable biofuels ...