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Longleaf pine, JW Jones Ecological Research Center, Ichauway, GA

Christopher Looney

Research Forester
1731 Research Park Dr.
United States

Phone: 530-759-1743
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Current Research

My research focuses on developing silvicultural strategies to mitigate the effects of drought, wildfire, forest insects and diseases, and other contemporary challenges to forest management. I study historical changes in forest structure and composition to improve management tools and techniques. I use a combination of observational, experimental, and modeling techniques across spatial scales ranging from trees to landscapes. Ongoing and planned research includes: 

  • The potential of species mixtures to enhance forest productivity and reduce tree mortality risk, focusing on mixed-conifer and pine-oak systems
  • Landscape controls on forest productivity and stand development
  • Strategies to enhance conifer resistance to forest pathogens and insects

Research Interests

  • Ecology and management of mixed-species stands
  • Stand dynamics
  • Forest health
  • Climate-change adaptation
  • Silvicultural applications of forest inventory
  • Natural and artificial regeneration, including assisted migration
  • Understory plant community ecology

Past Research

  • Silvicultural strategies to sustain ecosystem function in Minnesota black ash forests threatened by emerald ash borer
  • Production ecology of black ash and red pine forests
  • Early incidence of white pine blister rust in Southwestern mixed-conifer forests


  • University of Minnesota, Ph.D, Natural Resources Science and Management Forest Resources, Silviculture, and Invasive Species 2017
  • Northern Arizona University, Master of Science in Forestry Silviculture, Forest Health, and Invasive Species 2012
  • Northern Arizona University, Bachelor of Science in Forestry Forest Ecology and Management 2010

Professional Experience

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorado State University
    2018 - 2020

Professional Organizations

  • Society of American Foresters (SAF) (2007 - Current)

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Citations of non US Forest Service Publications

  • Looney, C.E.; Sullivan, B.W.; Kolb, T.E. et al. 2012. Pinyon pine (Pinus edulis) mortality and response to water addition across a three million year substrate age gradient in northern Arizona, USA. Plant Soil. 357: 89-102.

  • Looney, Christopher E.; Waring, Kristen M. 2012. Patterns of forest structure, competition and regeneration in southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis) forests. Forest Ecology and Management. 286: 159-170.
  • Looney, Christopher E.; Waring, Kristen M. 2013. Pinus strobiformis (southwestern white pine) stand dynamics, regeneration, and disturbance ecology: A review. Forest Ecology and Management. 287: 90-102.

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