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Directory Listing


Below are the 75 members of the Station Headquarters - Asheville, NC program (SRS-HQ). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Friot, KeithAQM Group Leader828-257-4292NC
Jackson, GerryAssistant Director
R&D Affiliations:

Research Support Services SRS-RSS

Schwalbach, MonicaAssistant Director828-257-4305NC
Anderson, JasonAssistant Station Engineer828-259-0515NC
Minton, Brenda °Bio. Science Technician (FHP R8)828-667-5089 x203NC
Williams, BarbaraBiological Science Aid828-667-5089 x106NC
Spriggs, RichardBiological Science Technician828-257-4229NC
Frick, KennyBiological Science Technician (FHP R8)828-257-4229
Puckett, Derek °Biological Scientist (FHP R8)828-257-4843NC
Hunsucker, PatsyBudget Analyst828-257-4379NC
Gates, ShellyBudget Officer828-257-4289NC
Mulrayne, JeffCAD Operator828-257-4350NC
Lee, Danny °Center Director
R&D Affiliations:

Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center SRS-4854

Mundy, EdwardComputer Specialist828-259-0572NC
Jones, JeremyComputer Specialist828-259-0518NC
Fulghum, ChandriaContract & Leasing Specialist828-257-4296NC
Hansen, LyndaContract Specialist803-561-4015SC
Woldu, TakeleContract Specialist828-257-4205NC
Coker, Sherryl EOS/Title VI Program Mgr.404-347-3713GA
Fernandez, RogerEast Zone Voice Specialist828-257-4395
Henthorne, TimElectronics Technician828-257-4340
Merten, Paul °Entomologist (FHP R8)828-257-4845NC
Rhea, Rusty °Entomologist (FHP R8)828-257-4314NC
Coleman, TomEntomologist (FHP R8)828-257-4399NC
Chandler, DavidExecutive Assistant828-257-4308NC
Reynolds, ConnieExecutive Assistant (FHP R8)828-257-4319NC
Parsell, JenniferExecutive Assistant to the Director828-257-4300NC
Carothers, William °Field Office Representative (FHP R8)828-257-4321NC
Blanton, KevinFleet & Equipment Manager828-257-4345NC
Gorgas, JoyceGrant & Agreement Specialist828-257-4281NC
Tolman, DarleneGrants Management Specialist828-259-0528NC
Parks, KimGrants Management Specialist828-259-0561NC
Blanks, ShebaHR Specialist R&D Service Team828-259-0512NC
Bailey, TinaHuman Resources/Civil Rights Lead828-257-4323NC
McDonough, AnnIT Specialist828-257-4333
Simmons, PearleyInformation Assistant828-257-4365NC
Richardson, ToniInformation Technology Specialist828-257-4363NC
Griffin, JanetLayout Specialist865-862-2079TN
Bagwell, ColetteLead HR Specialist R&D Service Team828-259-0564NC
Ricker, KathyManagement and Program Analyst828-257-4287NC
Cortes, LindaOffice Automation Assistant828-259-0568NC
Alvarez, TamiOffice Automation Assistant828-257-4844NC
Jefferson, CherylPartnerships and Strategic Initiatives Director828-259-0562NC
Blaedow, Ryan °Plant Pathologist (FHP R8)828-257-4328NC
Burkman, William °Program Manager
R&D Affiliations:

Forest Inventory and Analysis SRS-4801

Elledge, AnthonyProgram Specialist828-257-4317NC
Plyler, JenniferProgram Specialist
R&D Affiliations:

Center for Integrated Forest Science and Synthesis SRS-4855

Baker, SandyProgram Support Assistant828-257-4304NC
Miniat, Chelcy °Project Leader
R&D Affiliations:

Forest Watershed Science SRS-4353

828-524-2128 x118NC
Nelson, C. Dana °Project Leader
R&D Affiliations:

Forest Genetics & Biological Foundations SRS-4160

Prestemon, Jeffrey P. °Project Leader
R&D Affiliations:

Forest Economics and Policy SRS-4804

Goodrick, Scott °Project Leader & Research Meteorologist
R&D Affiliations:

Center for Forest Disturbance Science SRS-4156

Leininger, Theodor D. °Project Leader/Research Plant Pathologist
R&D Affiliations:

Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research SRS-4155

Scott, SarahProperty Management Specialist828-257-4295NC
Matteson, PattyPublic Affairs Specialist828-259-0560NC
Jackson, TeresaPublic Affairs Specialist828-259-0516
Stuart, MaureenPublication Team Lead828-279-4847NC
Walker, MikePurchasing Agent828-257-4290NC
Thomas, Priscilla H.Records & Information Mgmt Specialist828-257-4341NC
Greenberg, Katie °Research Ecologist
R&D Affiliations:

Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management SRS-4157

828-667-5261 x118NC
Johnson Gaither, Cassandra °Research Social Scientist
R&D Affiliations:

Integrating Human and Natural Systems SRS-4952

McKeever, KatieResistance Screening Center Director (FHP R8)828-667-5089 x202NC
Gay, CharlesSafety Manager 828-259-0541NC
Moore Myers, Jennifer Science Communications Team Leader919-549-4069NC
Farmer, SarahScience Writer828-257-4302NC
Carambot, WandaSecretary828-257-4318NC
Vose, James °Senior Research Ecologist
R&D Affiliations:

Center for Integrated Forest Science and Synthesis SRS-4855

Wear, David °Senior Research Forester
R&D Affiliations:

Center for Integrated Forest Science and Synthesis SRS-4855

Doudrick, Rob °Station Director828-257-4300NC
McDonough, MarkStation Facilities Engineer828-257-4851NC
Robinson, MichaelTeam Leader - SRS Internet828-257-4237NC
Worley Firley, StephanieTechnical Editor828-257-4380NC
Burnett, DonnaTechnical Publications Editor828-257-4351NC
Proffitt, WilliamTraining Specialist (FHP R8)828-257-4852NC
Mehaffey, JohnVoice, Data and Video Architect828-257-4396


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.