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Directory Listing


Below are the 25 members of the Forest Watershed Science program (SRS-4353). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Parenti, Connor G.Biological Science Technician803-725-0513SC
Bellamy, MandyBiological Science Technician803-725-0513SC
Fowler, Dick L. (Randy)Biological Scientist828-524-2128 x111NC
Flores, ThairathContractor-Support Services843-336-5611SC
Knoepp, Jennifer °Emeritus Research Soil Scientist828-667-5261 x115NC
Krause, Colin °Fisheries Biologist540-250-0786VA
Roghair, Craig °Fisheries Biologist540-230-8126VA
Arnold, JulieForestry Technician843-336-5617SC
Grace, JohnnyGeneral Engineer850-412-7383FL
Scott, JoelHydrologic Technician828-524-2128 x133NC
Bower, KatieHydrologic Technician828-524-2128 x121NC
Clinton, PatsyHydrologic Technician828-524-2128NC
Harrison, AndyHydrology Technician843-336-5603SC
Harper, CarolPhysical Science Technician828-524-2128 x138NC
Duan, KaiPost Doc Research Hydrologist828-524-2128 x101NC
Dolloff, C. Andrew °Project Leader540-231-4864VA
Atkins, Jeff °Research Biologist803-522-0791SC
Amatya, Devendra °Research Hydrologist843-336-5612SC
Garabedian, James °Research Wildlife Biologist803-725-0513SC
Kilgo, John C. °Research Wildlife Biologist803-725-0561SC
Flowers, KathySupport Services Specialist828-524-2128NC
Lockwood, JuanitaSupport Services Specialist / BMA843-336-5611SC
Trettin, Carl °Team Leader & Suprv. Research Soil Scientist843-336-5602SC
Oishi, Andrew C. °Team Leader (Acting), Research Ecologist828-524-2128NC
Sobek, Chris828-524-2128NC


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.