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Directory Listing


Below are the 35 members of the Human Dimensions program (RMRS-4853). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Hogland, JohnBiological Scientist406-329-2138MT
Rieck, JonBiological Scientist406-542-3248MT
Bramwell, Lincoln °Chief Historian
R&D Affiliations:

Knowledge Management & Communications WO-KMC

Ernst-Ulrich, GwenCommunications Specialist202-834-0795NV
Lankston, Robert (Robb)Contractor, RTL406-848-1274MT
Katuwal, HariCooperator406-542-3241MT
Pupulidy, IvanDirector, HPIOL208-860-8749ID
Stonesifer, CrystalEcologist406-542-3249MT
Haas, JessicaEcologist406-994-4892MT
Knowles, MikeEcologist970-498-2571CO
Loeffler, DanEconomist406-329-2120MT
McCollum, Dan °Economist970-498-2565CO
Champ, Patricia °Economist970-498-2563CO
Brown, Thomas °Economist970-498-2562CO
Mitchell, JohnEmeritus Scientist970-498-2568CO
Joyce, Linda °Emeritus Scientist 970-498-2560CO
Carrol, MattFire Training Specialist207-801-1003ME
Young, JesseForestry Technician Research406-329-3398
Reugebrink, MichelleHealth, Wellness, and Resilience Manager530-906-0917CA
Waldron, AlexisHuman Performance Specialist406-529-3936TX
Froemke, PamIT and GIS Specialist970-498-2567CO
Adler, KellyProgram Specialist707-980-0999CO
O'Connor, ChristopherResearch Ecologist406-542-4177MT
Flather, Curtis °Research Ecologist970-498-2569CO
Reeves, Matt °Research Ecologist406-546-5875MT
Hand, Michael °Research Economist406-329-2136MT
Warziniack, Travis °Research Economist970-498-2566CO
Calkin, DaveResearch Forester406-329-2124MT
Thompson, Matthew °Research Forester970-498-1302CO
Anderson, Nathaniel (Nate) °Research Forester970-219-2659MT
McCaffrey, Sarah M. °Research Forester970-498-2507CO
Williams, Daniel °Research Social Scientist
R&D Affiliations:

Strategic Management & Accountability RMRS-SMA

Flores, David °Research Social Scientist970-498-1193CO
Essen, Maureen Social Science Analyst406-329-2135MT
Coulson, DavidStatistician970-498-2576CO


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.