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Directory Listing


Below are the 31 members of the Air, Water and Aquatic Environments program (RMRS-4354). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Due, JessiAdministrative Support Clerk208-373-4340ID
Fegel, Timothy °Biogeochemistry Laboratory Manager970-498-1017CO
Lewis, SarahCivil Engineer208-883-2346ID
Starr, BanningEcologist970-726-5220CO
Leonard, JacksonEcologist928-556-2180AZ
Musselman, Robert (Bob)Emeritus Scientist970-498-1239CO
Elliot, William °Emeritus Scientist208-883-2338ID
Horan, DonaFish Biologist208-373-4399ID
Chandler, GwynneFish Biologist208-373-4372ID
Wollrab, SherryFisheries Biologist208-373-4371ID
Nagel, DavidGIS Analyst/Physical Scientist208-373-4397ID
Payne (Parkes) , SharonGIS Specialist and AWAE Webmaster208-373-4356ID
Brown, RobertHydrologist208-883-2356ID
Nelson, NathanHydrologist208-373-4343ID
Black, ThomasHydrologist208-373-4363ID
Korfmacher, JohnPhysical Scientist970-498-1052CO
Miller, Mary A.Program Assistant208-883-2321ID
Pokorney, RussellProgram Specialist208-373-4389ID
Rhoades, Charles °Research Biogeochemist970-498-1250CO
Dwire, Kathleen °Research Ecologist970-498-1016CO
Hubbard, Robert °Research Ecologist970-498-1260CO
Robichaud, Pete °Research Engineer208-883-2349ID
Isaak, Daniel °Research Fish Biologist208-373-4385ID
Young, Michael °Research Fisheries Biologist406-542-3254MT
Thurow, Russ °Research Fisheries Scientist208-756-5167ID
Buffington, John °Research Geomorphologist208-373-4384ID
Ryan-Burkett, Sandra °Research Geomorphologist 970-498-1015CO
Luce, Charles °Research Hydrologist208-373-4382ID
McCormick, FrankResearch Program Manager970-498-1175CO
Neary, Daniel °Senior Research Soil Scientist928-556-2176AZ
Elder, Kelly °Supervisory Research Hydrologist970-498-1233CO


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.