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Directory Listing


Below are the 32 members of the Ecological Process and Function program (PNW-2662). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Hollingsworth, Teresa °ALWRI Deputy Director (Acting)
R&D Affiliations:

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute RMRS-4901

Hamlow, BrendaAndrews Experimental Forest Site Manager541-822-6303OR
Hafer, JenniferBiological Science Technician541-962-6527OR
Schmidt, Stephanie A.Biological Scientist720-371-6710OR
Drapek, Raymond J.Biologist / GIS Specialist541-750-7483OR
Youngblood, AnthonyEPF Program Assistant541-750-7369OR
Aubry, Keith °Emeritus Scientist360-753-7685WA
Spies, Thomas °Emeritus Scientist541-750-7354OR
Raphael, Martin °Emeritus Senior Scientist360-753-7662WA
Barnard, JeffFisheries Biologist907-586-8811AK
Naylor, BridgettGIS Analyst541-962-6564OR
Salter, BrionGeographer509-664-1728WA
Downing, GregHydrological Tech541-750-7283OR
Borum, CherylInformation Technology Specialist541-962-6566OR
Jenkins, Julianna °Postdoctoral Research Wildlife Biologist541-750-7498OR
Kennedy, RyanRange Conservationist541-962-6568OR
Kim, John °Research Biological Scientist
R&D Affiliations:

Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment PNW-2667

Johnson, Sherri °Research Ecologist541-758-7771OR
Wondzell, Steve °Research Ecologist541-758-8753OR
Grulke, NancyResearch Forest Ecologist541-383-5479OR
Burnett, JonathanResearch Forester541-750-7370OR
Reynolds, Keith °Research Forester541-750-7434OR
Grant, Gordon °Research Hydrologist541-750-7328OR
Hessburg, Paul °Research Landscape Ecologist509-423-9269WA
Woodruff, David °Research Plant Physiologist541-750-7494OR
Marcot, Bruce °Research Wildlife Biologist503-808-2010OR
Rowland, Mary °Research Wildlife Biologist541-962-6582OR
Wisdom, Michael °Research Wildlife Biologist541-962-6532OR
Duarte, AdamResearch Wildlife Biologist 360-790-3293WA
Lesmeister, Damon °Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist541-750-7342OR
Swingle, James K.Wildlife Biologist541-750-7169OR
Wilson, ToddWildlife Biologist541-750-7288OR


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.