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Directory Listing


Below are the 25 members of the Station Director Office program (PNW-2600). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Mounts, Danielle Executive Asst. to the ADs for Research & Program Development503-808-2124OR
Hayes, LorraineAdmin Mgmt Specialist503-808-2535OR
Kelly, LesleyAssistant Station Director, Administration
R&D Affiliations:

Administrative PNW-ADMIN

Villanueva, GaryAssistant Station Engineer360-753-7710WA
Holcomb, Karen Budget Analyst503-808-2214OR
Elligott, ReneeBudget Analyst541-758-8764OR
Amie, Johanna StBudget Assistant503-808-2103OR
Won, PhillipBudget Officer503-808-2117OR
Strid, JamesEvent Coordinator503-808-2123OR
Bui, ChristinaGrants & Agreement Specialist503-808-2239OR
Kulbitsky, WilliamGrants & Agreements Specialist360-753-7675WA
Beshears, DanGrants Partnership Liaison Specialist503-808-3228OR
Tarvin, Jerry (Nick)Grants Partnership Liaison Specialist541-362-6312OR
Conley, TanesiaHuman Resources Specialist503-808-2447OR
Crone, Donna M.Lead Administrative Operations Specialist503-808-2049OR
Ta, ViLead Grants & Agreements Specialist503-808-2107OR
Hellman , Kurt Management and Program Analyst503-808-2101OR
Ahmed, MahamProgram Analyst503-808-2114OR
Case-Scott, HaleyResource Assistance Program Intern541-214-1437OR
Verhunc, TammySafety & Health Manager/Operations503-808-2425OR
White, RachelScience Writer971-334-3014OR
Anderson, Paul °Station Director503-808-2100OR
Avila, RobertStation Engineer360-891-5217OR
Prendeville, HollyWWETAC & Northwest Climate Hub Coordinator
R&D Affiliations:

Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment PNW-2667

Chau, TiffanyWeb Manager
R&D Affiliations:

Communications and Applications PNW-CAP



° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.