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Directory Listing


Below are the 20 members of the Urban Forests, Human Health, and Environmental Quality unit (NRS-8). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Bloniarz, DavidBiological Scientist413-545-3755MA
O'Neil-Dunne, JarlathCartographer802-656-3324VT
Timm, Anne °Research Aquatic Ecologist443-543-5385MD
Roman, Lara °Research EcologistPA
Johnson, Michelle °Research Ecologist718-225-3061 x303NY
Sonti, Nancy Falxa °Research Ecologist929-400-1700MD
Hallett, Richard °Research Ecologist603-868-7657NH
Lerman, Susannah B. °Research Ecologist413-545-5447MA
D'Amico, Vince °Research Entomologist610-368-4289DE
Grove, Morgan °Research Forester802-238-4328MD
Mockrin, Miranda °Research Scientist443-543-5389MD
Locke, DexterResearch Social Scientist443-543-5394MD
Svendsen, Erika °Research Social Scientist212-637-3598NY
Campbell, Lindsay °Research Social Scientist212-637-4175NY
Kondo, Ph.D., Michelle °Research Social Scientist215-988-1619PA
Hines, SarahScience Delivery Specialist443-543-5390MD
Taylor-Lupien, TraceySecretary603-868-7637NH
Yesilonis, IanSoil Scientist410-455-1298MD
Holifield, QuintaniaySoil Scientist443-543-5384MD
Nislow, Keith °Team Leader / Research Fisheries Biologist413-545-1765MA


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.