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Directory Listing


Below are the 32 members of the Northern Forest Science and Applications unit (NRS-7). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

Kolka, Randy °Acting Project Leader / Research Soil Scientist218-326-7115MN
Jensen, HeatherBiological Scientist218-326-7133MN
Merriam, Jeffrey Biological Scientist603-868-7651NH
Larson, John T.Chemist218-326-7113MN
Roman, Daniel 'Tyler'Ecologist218-326-7138MN
Pardo, Linda °Environmental Engineer802-656-1712VT
Richley, AndrewForesterME
Kastendick, DouglasForester218-326-7131MN
Halm, IanForester603-726-8902NH
Janelle, JonathanForester603-868-7628NH
Jager, ChanceForestry Aide218-244-0061MN
Bailey, AmeyForestry Tech.603-726-8902NH
Bailey, Scott °Geologist603-726-8902NH
Zietlow, DavidHydrologist603-726-8902NH
Burdick, Jacob Hydrologist218-910-9923MN
Hislop, JanePhys Science Tech.603-868-7640NH
Aspelin, NathanPhysical Science Technician320-223-4561MN
Auger, SamanthaPhysical Science Technician603-868-7640NH
Hadley, TeddProgram Specialist603-868-7749NH
Lany, NinaQuantitative Ecologist603-868-7792NH
Eggert, Sue °Research Aquatic Ecologist218-326-7135MN
Campbell, John °Research Ecologist603-868-7643NH
Leak, William °Research Forester603-868-7655NH
Kenefic, Laura °Research Forester, Team Leader207-581-2794ME
Sebestyen, Stephen °Research Hydrologist218-326-7108MN
King, David °Research Wildlife Biologist413-545-6795MA
Palik, Brian °Science Leader for Applied Forest Ecology218-326-7116MN
Troumbly, ShielaSupport Services Specialist218-326-7123MN
Rustad, Lindsey °Team Leader / Research Ecologist603-397-7406NH
Kern, Christel °Team Leader / Research Forester715-362-1123WI
Yamasaki, Mariko °Team Leader / Research Wildlife Biologist603-868-7659NH
Costello, ChristineWildlife Biologist603-374-2506NH


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.