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Directory Listing


Below are the 15 members of the Research Facilities Engineering unit (FPL-RFE). Click here to view the entire R&D Directory.

McMaster, MichaelAir Conditioning Mechanic608-231-9408WI
Juntunen, DavidElectrician Leader608-231-9550WI
Mauch, StevenElectronics Control Mechanic608-231-9206WI
Smith, BruceGeneral Equipment Mechanic608-231-9408WI
Kilgore, DanteHVAC Mechanic608-231-9408WI
Ramos, RobertHVAC Mechanic608-231-9408WI
Destree, JosephMachinist608-231-9560WI
Beem, RichardMachinist608-231-9427WI
Jorgensen, JohnPainter608-231-9250
Mattson, PaulPipefitter608-231-9454WI
Johnston, BonitaProcurment Assistant608-231-9335WI
Hanz, AngelaResearch Facilities Engineer608-231-9322WI
Gallup, PaulSafety Manager608-231-9323WI
Balczewski, JosephWoodCrafter608-231-9519WI
Wruck, Randall608-231-9203WI


° Signifies R&D Researcher.
Bolded/Italicized represents supervisory position.