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Forest Products Utilization

Forest Service Patents

Patent Title File/Pub/Issue
Sustainable Hybrid Organic Aerogels and Methods and Uses Thereof 05/15/2014
Engineered Molded Fiberboard Panels, Methods of Making the Panels, & Products Fabricated From the Panels 07/02/2013
Cut-Fold-Shape Technology for Engineered Molded Fiber Panels 05/21/2013
Composite Components for Anaerobic Digested Fibrous Materials 04/09/2013
Binderless Panel Made from Wood Particles & Cellulosic Fibers 02/01/2013
Metal Compounds to Eliminate Nonproductive Enzyme Adsorption and Enhance Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocellulose 08/23/2011
Method and Apparatus to Protect Synthesis Gas via Flash Pyrolysis and Gasification in a Molted Liquid 01/25/2011
Sulfite Pretreatment for Biorefining Biomass 12/03/2009
Engineered Molded Fiberboard Panels and Methods of Making and Using the Same 03/27/2009
Method of Making Medium Density Fiberboard 10/30/2008
Algorithm to Calculate the Surface Area of a Threaded Fastener 05/29/2008
Composites Comprising Plant Material from Parthenium Spp. and Plastics 09/07/2004
Method of Making Wood and Plastic Composite Material 10/14/2003
Methods of Making Three-Dimensional Laminated Structures 03/05/2002
Multi-Piece Corner Post 09/11/2001
Composites Containing Cellulosic Pulp Fibers and Methods of Making and Using the Same 08/07/2001
Methods and Apparatus for Molding Three-Dimensional Objects 02/20/2001
Localized Notch Reinforcement for Wooden Beams 12/29/1998
Break-in Resistant Wood Panel Door 11/19/1996
Apparatus for Forming Uniform Density Structural Fiberboard 06/28/1988