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Patent & Licensing Program

Patent reference books
The Forest Service Patent & Licensing Program manages the following areas:

Pre-Invention Activities

  • Helps researchers to determine best technology transfer method e.g. patents vs. publications
  • Performs patent and literature (prior art) searches
  • Reviews all FS invention disclosures - both solely and jointly owned
  • Prepares invention disclosures for FS Patent Review Committee evaluation

Patent Prosecution Activities

  • Guides FS inventors through the patent process
  • Serves as a liaison between FS inventors, contract law firms and the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Prepares, files and prosecutes patent applications
  • Verifies ownership and prepares assignment documents

Licensing & Marketing Activities

  • Finds appropriate partners to transfer FS patented technology to the marketplace
  • Assists with Cooperative Research and Development Agreements and other Technology Transfer Agreements to further develop technologies
  • Negotiates and prepares licenses between FS, universities and/or industry

Additional Intellectual Property Activities

  • Provides trademark assistance
  • Handles copyright issues
  • Deals with software questions
  • Helps with technology transfer ethics