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4-allylanisole and Analogs Scolytid Repellents

Southern Pine Beetles
Southern Pine Beetles

Patent Status

Patent Numbers: 5,403,863; 5,518,757; 5,695,807; and 6,306,913

Dates Issued: April 4, 1995 — October 23, 2001

Technology Description

Infestations of conifers by scolytids have been well documented and considerable attention has been devoted to protection of these trees. Current measures for protecting conifers are inadequate as the chemical insecticides that are presently used, have a high cost due to the products used and the labor involved in applying these insecticides. In addition, relying solely on chemical sprays, especially the use of only one or a few, increases the risk of development of resistance in the pest population. Likewise, it reduces the quality of the environment and alters the ecosystems by reducing species diversity.

The inventors of the present inventions have discovered a naturally produced, or closely correlated thereto, insecticide that is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than the prior art methods. The present inventions can be applied directly to the surface of potential targets of scolytid infestation, dispersed as vapor, or applying solid supports such as cloth wicks from which the repellent is eluted.

Potential Commercial Uses

This invention is useful to the forestry and horticulture industry. Because the bioinsecticide uses a naturally occurring chemical, it prevents insect damage without harmful chemicals being introduced to the environment.

Licensees and/or industrial cooperators are being sought for this technology.

Inventor/Project Leader

Jane L. Hayes