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Naphthalenic Compounds as Termite Bait Toxicants


Patent Status

Patent Number: RE44,543 (see 6,691,453)

Date Issued: October 22, 2013

Technology Description

Termite damage in the United States is now estimated to be in excess of one billion dollars a year. Termites can potentially affect all wooden or wood-containing structures. However, low toxicity baits that utilize growth regulators have shown success in reducing damage caused by subterranean termites.

This invention describes a bait composition and methods for the effective control of termite populations. In particular, this invention describes a mixture that can be used as a bait and attractant for termites that is comprised of cellulose, naphthalenic compounds, water and potentially other termite-preferred nutrients. Additionally, methods of monitoring the presence of termites using such mixture and methods of controlling termites using such mixture to deliver termite toxins are also provided.

Potential Commercial Uses

This termite control is effective and reduces the need for pesticides which are environmentally harmful.

Licensees and/or industrial cooperators are being sought for this technology.

Inventor/Project Leader

Frederick Green