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Management & Operations Research

Our desired resource outcome is that forest and range systems are healthy and productive, and provide a sustainable supply of needed goods and services. Our researchers work to understand and quantify how forest and range systems function and change over time, and how to use that information to develop effective management systems and practices. In addition to providing useful information about forest and rangeland management and harvesting, our research provides guidance about the risks, consequences, and benefits associated with diverse courses of action.

Management & Operations Research provides the scientific and technical basis for wise natural resource policies and management decisions to sustain and enhance the health, productivity, and function of the Nation's forest and rangeland resources. Our research benefits forest and rangeland owners and managers, as well as all those enjoying the goods and services generated by healthy, well-managed lands. Effectively managed, U.S. forests and rangelands will sustainably provide the quantities of water, wood and non-wood products, various habitats, recreational opportunities, and energy needed by our growing population and its economies.