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Improving Organization & Performance

Field crew conducting research in Wisconsin
Joseph O’Brien / USDA Forest Service,
Field crew conducting research in Wisconsin

The USDA Forest Service works across many taxa of invasive species, to determine spread rates, means of transmission, host ranges, distribution, and impacts. We develop treatments, protocols for field monitoring and detection, and laboratory diagnostics, risk maps, models and assessments. Scientists are studying invasive species interactions with fire, recreation, watershed management, disturbance, climate change, wildlife, air quality, and other factors. Projects address issues at the international, national, statewide, county, and local levels.

In FY 2013, Forest Service research scientists and their partners produced and delivered over 193 tools to customers. For examples of these tools, see R&D Highlights.

In 2013, the Forest Service published a new Strategic Framework for Invasive Species Management. It calls for researchers to work with National Forest System land managers and State and Private Forest Health Protection personnel to identify Regional priorities for research and management activities. Progress will be evaluated every five years.