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Photo of Forested ecosystem in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Ken Dudzik, Forest Service
ID: 326
Determining What Levels of Air Pollution Harm U.S. Ecosystems

An international team led by a Forest Service scientist has determined the level of nitrogen (N) deposited from air pollution that harms ecosyst ...

Principal Investigator : Linda Pardo

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Photo of
ID: 1196
Fall leaf color research could make it possible to predict timing, intensity, and location of fall color

What triggers fall red color expression in leaves? Forest Service scientists used a unique branch cooling system to verify that low temperatures ...

Principal Investigator : Paul Schaberg

Photo of Cover image for Natural Inquirer issue
ID: 659
Forest Service Research on Morel Mushrooms Featured in Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer's monograph series for middle school students and educators showcased a Forest Service researcher's work on local knowledge ...

Principal Investigator : Marla Emery

Resource Management and Use2014NRS
Photo of Dr. Mark Twery of the NRS describing the structure of a dandelion stem to participants in the Moving Field Guide workshop at Patterson Park in Baltimore. Steward Pickett, Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
ID: 348
Moving Field Guides: Learning ecology through dance

Children in Baltimore, MD, are working with Forest Service researchers and the Dance Exchange, a professional dance company, to turn their obser ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Twery

Outdoor Recreation2011NRS
Photo of An 83-year-old longleaf pine stand planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps at Fort Polk in Louisiana. John R. Butnor, USDA Forest Service
ID: 719
Quantifying and Managing Carbon Sequestration in Longleaf Pine Ccosystems.

Forests can offset greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon dioxide in tree biomass, understory vegetation, forest floor litter, detritus ...

Principal Investigator : John Butnor

Resource Management and Use2014SRS
Photo of Photo 1: Acid deposition predisposes red spruce to winter injury evident as reddish colored foliage that dries out and falls from trees in the spring.

Photo 2: Alexandra Kosiba collecting a wood increment core from a red spruce tree to assess growth.
ID: 1446
Recovery of Red Spruce Linked to Decreased Acid Deposition and Higher Temperatures

Red spruce was once a valued timber species but was threatened when high inputs of acid deposition reduced its growth and increased mortality fo ...

Principal Investigator : Paul Schaberg

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Alexandra Kosiba collecting a woody increment core from a mature red spruce tree. Luke Ingram (University of Vermont Affiliate), University of Vermont.
ID: 1018
Trees Vulnerable to Damage from Acid Deposition Located Using Critical Load Exceedance Maps

A Forest Service scientist and his partners used a computer model to identify locations where inputs of acid deposition were expected to harm tr ...

Principal Investigator : Paul Schaberg

Resource Management and Use2016NRS