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Photo of
ID: 266
American Chestnut Restoration Research

Hundreds of blight-resistant American chestnut trees planted last winter in three national forests in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia ar ...

Principal Investigator : Stacy Clark

Resource Management and Use2010SRS
Photo of Blackgum trees are one of the species whose ranges may shift. Vern Wilkins,  Indiana University
ID: 742
Cooperation Leads to Continued Research on Tree Range Shifts in the Eastern U.S.

In an attempt to understand the potential impact of climate change on tree species ranges in the eastern U.S., teams of researchers from the For ...

Principal Investigator : Christopher M. Oswalt

Resource Management and Use
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Shaded coffee plantation under pine forest. Thomas Brandeis, USDA Forest Service
ID: 729
Forest Management Economics for Private Forest Landowners in Honduras

This work will help improve private landowner participation and livelihood through an economic assessment of forest management needs and recomme ...

Principal Investigator : Consuelo Brandeis

Resource Management and Use2014SRS
Photo of Model predictions of forest harvesting and conversion along the U.S.-Canadian border in northern Maine show most of the forest lost to development occurred in Canada, and although annual rates of harvesting (normalized for the total amount of forest area in each country) are roughly similar, the forest cut blocks on the U.S. side are noticeably larger.
ID: 1320
Mapping forest disturbance agents with Landsat time series

Disturbance plays an important role in shaping forests’ ability to sequester carbon and provide critical ecosystem services such as clean air ...

Principal Investigator : Todd A. Schroeder

Inventory and Monitoring
Outdoor Recreation
Photo of
ID: 298
Nationally consistent approach to forest inventory across the United States

The passage of the 1998 Farm Bill led to the development of a nationally consistent approach to forest inventory across the United States.These ...

Principal Investigator : Tom Brandeis

Inventory and Monitoring2010SRS
Photo of Daniel Crockett, former employee on the London Ranger District, stands next to a 200 year-old white oak tree that was left following an oak woodland restoration treatment.
ID: 1318
Oak woodland restoration improves forest health

Conversion of a closed canopy oak forest to an oak woodland improved forest health, according to a long-term study initiated on the Daniel Boone ...

Principal Investigator : Stacy Clark

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of
ID: 421
Posting of 2010 Southern Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) annual data

Decision-makers such as Congress, government agencies, and industry managers require current data on the state of the Nation's forests for effec ...

Principal Investigator : Ali Conner

Inventory and Monitoring
Resource Management and Use
Photo of San Juan watershed. Thomas Brandeis, USDA Forest Service
ID: 741
Scientists Quantify the Value of Ecosystem Services Provided by the San Juan Bay Estuary

A decade long study of the urban forests and land uses within the watershed of Puerto Rico's San Juan Bay Estuary quantified the value of ecosys ...

Principal Investigator : Tom Brandeis

Inventory and Monitoring2014SRS
Photo of A Texas A&M Forest Service FIA crew making their way to an UFIA plot in the Houston, TX area.
ID: 1322
Urban forest inventories heating up in Texas and beyond

The Forest Service is rolling out a national program of inventorying urban forests across the U.S. As an early adopter of the program, Texas is ...

Principal Investigator : Kerry Dooley

Inventory and Monitoring
Outdoor Recreation