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Photo of Board treated with copper-based preservatives showing premature signs of rot caused by copper-tolerant brown rot fungi. USDA Forest Service
ID: 910
A Knowledge-based Approach for Developing Green Building Solutions

Scientists are using gene discovery to accelerate their understanding of copper tolerance in wood decay fungi and create green solutions for woo ...

Principal Investigator : Juliet D. Tang

Resource Management and Use2015FPL
Photo of CLT sample D4 prior to (left) and following (right) eight weeks of exposure to the Formosan termite, an invasive species of subterranean termite.
ID: 1279
Assessing termite impact on cross-laminated timber panels

Forest Service and Mississippi State University researchers are in the process of determining the impact of termites found in the Southeastern U ...

Principal Investigator : Juliet D. Tang

Invasive Species2017FPL
Photo of Phase-contrast light microscopy of some protists found in the subterranean termite, Reticulitermes virginicus.  A) Pyrsonympha minor, B) Spirotrichonympha flagellata, C) Trichonympha burlesquei, D) Holomastigotes elongatum, E) Trichonympha agilis, F) Monocercomonas species.  Scale bars are indicated for A and F, while B-E use the same scale bar as in A.
ID: 1278
Eco-friendly biopesticide protects wood from termites by affecting their hindgut symbionts

Chitosan kills termites by targeting their hindgut protists rather than the termite itself.

Principal Investigator : Juliet D. Tang

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Researchers studied the effect of diet on carpenter ant brood development. ?Clemson University, USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series,
ID: 895
Effects of Diet on Brood Development in the Carpenter Ant

A Forest Service scientist fed carpenter ants an artificial diet, and variations of this diet, with nutrient components removed to examine the e ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Mankowski, E.

Invasive Species2015FPL
Photo of Study site in the Lower Yazoo River Basin, Mississippi.
ID: 1481
Estimating impacts of extreme rainfall events for local watersheds

Many future climate scenarios project impacts of climate variability on water quantity and quality. However, these scenarios may not be accurate ...

Principal Investigator : Ying Ouyang

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of A schematic diagram showing (a) the pond hydrological processes and water budget used in model development and (b) a photo of a pond in Macon, Mississippi used for model application.
ID: 1336
Estimating the ratio of pond size to irrigated crop land: A tool to conserve groundwater resources in Mississippi

Groundwater withdrawals in the Mississippi Delta region and around the nation have increased dramatically since the last century, resulting in t ...

Principal Investigator : Ying Ouyang

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Regions of the termite digestive tract showing the large hindgut, which is, essentially, an anaerobic bioreactor packed full of microbes that digest cellulose.
ID: 1494
Giving Termites “Stomach Aches”

Chitosan can be used to upset the microbial imbalance in the termite hindgut, leading to the establishment of three different bacterial pathogen ...

Principal Investigator : Juliet D. Tang

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Male Procambarus barbiger, a burrowing crayfish endemic to Mississippi. Chris Lukhaup, Crusta10
ID: 926
Global Conservation Status of Freshwater Crayfish

The southeastern U.S. is a major hotspot of freshwater crayfish diversity, says a new global assessment of crayfish conservation status. The rep ...

Principal Investigator : Susan B. Adams

Wildlife and Fish2015SRS
Photo of Log bucking in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Iris Montague, USDA Forest Service.
ID: 617
Hardwood Log Procurement and the Role of Log Brokers

Forest Service researchers analyzed hardwood log procurement practices and the effects of log brokers on the hardwood distribution system. They ...

Principal Investigator : Iris Montague

Resource Management and Use2014NRS
Photo of Pondberry foliage and maturing fruit, which is red, growing in partial sunlight at the Flooding Research Facility, Sharkey County, Miss.
ID: 1301
New research sheds light on fate of the imperiled pondberry plant

Some consider pondberry to be the rarest shrub in the southeastern U.S. as it is found in only 36 populations distributed in six states. Forest ...

Principal Investigator : Brian R. Lockhart

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Storm damage to timber. Donald L. Buckner, Diversified Consulting Services.
ID: 1162
Options for Timber Salvaging After Natural Disasters in the Gulf States

Forest Service researchers analyzed timber salvaging data collected in the Gulf State region after major hurricanes. Post-hurricane analysis lea ...

Principal Investigator : Iris Montague

Resource Management and Use2016NRS
Photo of Two copper-tolerant decay fungi, Fomitopsis palustris (left) and Wolfiporia cocos (right), exhibit delayed establishment on wood treated with copper plus targeted biocide (bottom wafer, 93) compared to wood treated with copper alone (top wafer, 44).
ID: 1286
Rational approach for discovering new, targeted biocides for wood protection

Forest Service researchers used a rational approach based on gene expression studies to identify a novel application of a fungicide for use in c ...

Principal Investigator : Juliet D. Tang

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Examples of popular social media platforms now being used in the forest products industry. Iris Montague, USDA Forest Service
ID: 491
Social Media Use in the Forest Products Industry is a New Way to do Business

Forest Service researchers analyzed the Internet and social media usage of forest products producers in major forest-products producing states t ...

Principal Investigator : Iris Montague

Resource Management and Use2013NRS
Photo of Completed efficacy trial plots on the Chipola Experimental Forest. USDA Forest Service
ID: 889
USFS Termiticide Report for 2014

The most recent efficacy data for termiticides currently on the market were reported as part of the USDA Forest Service Termiticide Testing Prog ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas Guy Shelton

Invasive Species2015FPL