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Photo of imbedded with text S.S. Lawson -
ID: 1251
Assessing stable isotopes in koa trees may aid in reforestation efforts

Stable isotopes in trees can be used to help determine overall tree health, nutrient levels, and optimal locations for trees to thrive. Forest S ...

Principal Investigator : Shaneka Lawson

Photo of Establishing a blight resistant planting at Buck Creek on the Hoosier National Forest in Spring, 2012. James McKenna, Forest Service
ID: 65
Blight Resistant Seeds May Be Key to Comeback for American Chestnut Tree

Restoration plantings poise this once mighty tree species for a comeback

Principal Investigator : Charles H. Michler

Resource Management and Use2012NRS
Photo of 1. A northern red oak shoot in the spring, a tiny flower is at the center of the circle.
2. Northern red oak seedlings planted by USDA Forest Service scientists to study the growth and quality of selected parents used for breeding at the Indiana State Tree Nursery.
ID: 1203
High quality nursery grown red oak seedlings provide a good start for forest restoration

Forest Service tree breeders working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are developing high quality, genetically diverse oak seedl ...

Principal Investigator : Keith Woeste

Photo of A butternut tree in southern Wisconsin with symptoms of butternut canker disease. This tree will die soon. Although other butternut trees in the same stand are relatively healthy, their resistance is not genetic but based on favorable site conditions. Nicholas LaBonte, Purdue University
ID: 804
Surviving Butternut Trees Benefit From Better Sites Rather than Disease Resistance

Butternut trees are rapidly disappearing because of butternut canker disease. Rare healthy trees appeared to hold hope for resistance to buttern ...

Principal Investigator : Keith Woeste

Resource Management and Use2015NRS
Photo of imbedded in attachment S. S. Lawson - ????????
ID: 1250
Unraveling the mystery of figured wood in koa hardwood

Acacia koa (koa), a tropical hardwood only found in the Hawaiian Archipelago, is highly valued for its beautiful figured (with special textures ...

Principal Investigator : Shaneka Lawson

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