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Photo of Loblolly pine is frequently harvested for use as a biofuel. Erich Vallery, USDA Forest Service
ID: 727
A Simple Technique to Improve Woody Biomass Quality

The commercial markets for biofuels and bio-based products will require cost-competitive raw materials to compete with rival energy sources. The ...

Principal Investigator : John Klepac

Resource Management and Use2014SRS
Photo of
ID: 292
Improving Workplace Safety in Forest Operations

Working with the U.S. Forest Equipment Standards Committee in SAE and the International Organization for Standardization, SRS researchers examin ...

Principal Investigator : Robert Rummer

Resource Management and Use2010SRS
Photo of Construction machines in theNorth Mills Area, Pisgah Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest, NC.
ID: 1324
Soil sensor system measures machine impacts during forest operations

The heavy machinery required for forest operations can affect soil. Forest Service scientists compared the impact of a dozer and a skidder, usin ...

Principal Investigator : Emily A. Carter

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Chaining a pinyon tree to a crane scale. Forest Service
ID: 148
Understanding Effects of Bioenergy Harvesting in Southern Forests

Principal Investigator : Robert Rummer

Resource Management and Use2012SRS