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Photo of A plain pocketbook mussel (Lampsilis cardium) with the lure it uses to draw fish close enough to deposit larvae in their gills as part of its unique reproductive cycle. Wendell Haag, USDA Forest Service
ID: 706
Assessment of conservation strategies for North American freshwater mussels.

North America has the most diverse freshwater mussel fauna on Earth, but over half of the 300 native species are in danger of extinction. Extens ...

Principal Investigator : Wendell R. Haag

Wildlife and Fish
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Study site in the Lower Yazoo River Basin, Mississippi.
ID: 1481
Estimating impacts of extreme rainfall events for local watersheds

Many future climate scenarios project impacts of climate variability on water quantity and quality. However, these scenarios may not be accurate ...

Principal Investigator : Ying Ouyang

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of A schematic diagram showing (a) the pond hydrological processes and water budget used in model development and (b) a photo of a pond in Macon, Mississippi used for model application.
ID: 1336
Estimating the ratio of pond size to irrigated crop land: A tool to conserve groundwater resources in Mississippi

Groundwater withdrawals in the Mississippi Delta region and around the nation have increased dramatically since the last century, resulting in t ...

Principal Investigator : Ying Ouyang

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Male Procambarus barbiger, a burrowing crayfish endemic to Mississippi. Chris Lukhaup, Crusta10
ID: 926
Global Conservation Status of Freshwater Crayfish

The southeastern U.S. is a major hotspot of freshwater crayfish diversity, says a new global assessment of crayfish conservation status. The rep ...

Principal Investigator : Susan B. Adams

Wildlife and Fish2015SRS
Photo of Pondberry foliage and maturing fruit, which is red, growing in partial sunlight at the Flooding Research Facility, Sharkey County, Miss.
ID: 1301
New research sheds light on fate of the imperiled pondberry plant

Some consider pondberry to be the rarest shrub in the southeastern U.S. as it is found in only 36 populations distributed in six states. Forest ...

Principal Investigator : Brian R. Lockhart

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Former cropped wetland restored to a wetland by the Southeastern Wetland Reserve Program. Joel Gramling, The Citadel
ID: 130
Wetlands Assessment Project Documents Outcomes of Conservation on Working Lands

Assessment offers managers a tool to improve project planning and assessment of wetland practices on working lands in the South and elsewhere

Principal Investigator : Diane De Steven

Inventory and Monitoring2012SRS
Photo of Riparian wetland restoration in progress, with planted cypress trees. Forest Service
ID: 423
What do we need to know to conserve wetlands on working lands in the South

The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) is a multi-agency effort to improve effectiveness of Farm Bill conservation programs by quant ...

Principal Investigator : Diane De Steven

Inventory and Monitoring2011SRS