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Photo of
ID: 102
Americans and Greeks Experience Similar Benefits from Recreation in Forests

Data show recreational uses of forest lands are psychologically and socially important

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Outdoor Recreation2012PSW
Photo of Scenic views from San Jacinto Wilderness, San Bernardino National Forest. José J. Sánchez, USDA Forest Service
ID: 687
Benefits and Losses of Wildfires on the San Jacinto Wilderness

Forest Service scientists discovered that recently burned landscapes are attractive to forest recreationalists. This information can help fire m ...

Principal Investigator : Jose J. Sanchez

Outdoor Recreation
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Photo of Street trees lining California’s roadways provide $1 billion in services each year.  U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 978
California ‘Street’ Tree Benefits Valued at $1 Billion

Forest Service researchers use a computerized tree inventory and management program to quantify the number and types of tree species lining Cali ...

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Inventory and Monitoring
Resource Management and Use
Photo of
ID: 354
Community Environmentalism

Findings suggest that ethnically diverse publics may find motivation for environmentalism through a commitment to social action that serves thei ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia L. Winter

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW
Photo of
ID: 232
Community Tree Guides Help Managers Show that Trees Pay Us Back

The 16th and final Community Tree Guide was published for Central Florida based on research conducted in Orlando. Providing complete coverage of ...

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Resource Management and Use2010PSW
Photo of The General Technical Report and Urban Tree Database provide species-specific data on tree growth that are critical to projecting uptake of air pollutants and other services that trees provide.
ID: 1381
Database captures urban tree sizes, growth rates across U.S.

Sometimes in the cramped environs of U.S. cities every inch counts, especially if attempting to make space for nature. City planners and urban f ...

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Windcliff Colorado residents work together as a Firewise community. Jim Absher, Forest Service
ID: 371
Firewise Actions Depend on Trust

Trust is an important component in working with communities and individuals on fire risk mitigation, but it is an abstract concept that needs to ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011PSW
Photo of These efforts area aimed at furthering our understanding of the link between outdoor recreation and health and well being, and ensuring that managers and stakeholders have access to personal stories from the field demonstrating research applications. Forest Service
ID: 231
Multiple Studies Improve Understanding, Measurement, and Transfer of Knowledge of Recreation, Quality Of Life, and Health

PSW scientists contributed to an increased understanding of the link between recreation, quality of life, and health. Visitor constraints to phy ...

Principal Investigator : Armando Gonzalez-Caban

Outdoor Recreation2010PSW
Photo of
ID: 368
Nature Education

A better understanding will improve the effectiveness of nature educations programs such as the U.S. Forest Service, Kids in the Woods.A study t ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Absher

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW
Photo of Tree height, crown base, and leaf area for same-aged green ash in Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY. Upper lines represent height, lower lines represent height to first branch.  Ash have only 55 % of the Fort Collins' ash leaf area, largely due to differences in climate and soils. Forest Service
ID: 104
New Model Predicts Urban Tree Growth

New study developed growth equations for urban tree species throughout the United States

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Resource Management and Use2012PSW
Photo of Existing and potential tree canopy cover percentages for Los Angeles by Council District. Greg McPherson, Forest Service)
ID: 361
One Million Trees LA Canopy Cover Assessment

The day after Antonio Villaraigosa was elected mayor of the City of Los Angeles he planted a tree and announced his plan to plant one million tr ...

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Resource Management and Use2011PSW
Photo of
ID: 366
Public Trust and Conservation

Findings help improve Forest Service efforts to communicate ecosystem risks and to encourage actions that protect natural resources.Trust in the ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia L. Winter

Outdoor Recreation2011PSW
Photo of
ID: 380

SINAMI' is a tool for the economic evaluation of forest fire management programs in Mediterranean ecosystems. It determines the most efficient p ...

Principal Investigator : Armando Gonzalez-Caban

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011PSW
Photo of A low emitting mix of trees can include a range of emitter types, including medium emitters such as maple. Paula Peper, Forest Service
ID: 370
The Tree BVOC Index

A simplified method for tracking reduced emissions of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) from urban trees for use in air quality compli ...

Principal Investigator : Jim Simpson

Water, Air, and Soil2011PSW
Photo of Two members from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps plant a tree. The Los Angeles tree programknown as
ID: 688
Trees in Los Angeles: Carbon Dioxide Sink or Source

Tree planting is considered to be among the most effective approaches to cooling urban environments and mitigating carbon dioxide emissions. The ...

Principal Investigator : E. Gregory McPherson

Resource Management and Use2014PSW
Photo of
ID: 372
Wildfire Decision Making

Fire management training and tools can be improved through understanding potential biases impacting wildfire management decisions.Managing wildf ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia L. Winter

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011PSW