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Photo of Sweetgum trees at free-air carbon dioxide enrichment study plot.
ID: 1276
Environmental impacts on tree bark chemistry

Evidence shows changes in tree bark chemistry from a long-term elevated carbon dioxide treatment have the potential to impact their conversion t ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas L. Eberhardt

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of This fossil forest in Ethiopia once had a very different climate. John Kappelman, University of Texas
ID: 915
Fossil Forests of Ethiopia Suggest Region’s late Oligocene Climate was Wetter Than Today

Don’t believe in climate change? Check out the woods from this Oligocene forest in Ethiopia.

Principal Investigator : Michael C. Wiemann

Resource Management and Use2015FPL
Photo of Sweetgum plantation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Free-Air CO2 Enrichment study site. Jeffrey M. Warren, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ID: 900
Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Tree Bark

Evidence shows changes in bark chemistry from an elevated carbon dioxide treatment applied to sweetgum trees.

Principal Investigator : Thomas L. Eberhardt

Resource Management and Use2015FPL
Photo of The Xylotron uses machine-visioning technology to identify wood species. John Hermanson, USDA Forest Service
ID: 585
The Xylotron: A Field-Deployable Machine-Vision Wood Identification System

The Xylotron is a machine-vision-based wood identification system that uses a custom-designed wood imaging device (the Xyloscope), image analysi ...

Principal Investigator : Alex C. Wiedenhoeft

Resource Management and Use
Wildlife and Fish
Inventory and Monitoring