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Photo of An experiment to quantify the error in sonic anemometer wind sensors conducted by Forest Service scientists at the Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site. Morgan Heim, University of Wyoming.
ID: 1090
Ecosystem Fluxes are Underestimated Due to Measurement Tool Errors

The eddy covariance technique is used worldwide to measure the exchange of energy and mass between ecosystems and the atmosphere. Ecosystem flux ...

Principal Investigator : William J. Massman Jr

Water, Air, and Soil2016RMRS
Photo of Prescribed, low-severity surface fire carried by needles, cones, dried grass, and forbs. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1042
Modeling Soil Heat, Moisture, and Evaporation Dynamics During Fires

With the increasing use of prescribed fire by land managers and increasing likelihood of wildfires due to climate change there comes the need to ...

Principal Investigator : William J. Massman Jr

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels