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Photo of Top hardwood lumber producers and exporters 1995 and 2013.
ID: 876
Role of the United States in Changing Worldwide Hardwood Lumber Production and Markets

Hardwood markets are increasingly global, and understanding the role U.S. hardwood lumber plays in worldwide consumption and trade is valuable t ...

Principal Investigator : William Luppold

Resource Management and Use2015NRS
Photo of The percentage of hardwood lumber used in higher-value products has decreased in recent years. William Luppold, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1077
Shifts in U.S. Hardwood Lumber Consumption

After the Great Recession, hardwood lumber consumption declined by 43 percent from the peak in 1999. The corresponding changes in consumption pa ...

Principal Investigator : William Luppold

Resource Management and Use2016NRS
Photo of U.S. Imports and Exports of Hardwood Lumber and Logs, 1990-2013 (Data Source: USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service). Matt Bumgardner,  USDA Forest Service
ID: 623
United States Maintains Positive Trade Balances for Hardwood Logs and Lumber

Exports have become a vital lumber market for hardwood sawmills in the United States because of the loss of domestic furniture manufacturing and ...

Principal Investigator : William Luppold

Resource Management and Use2014NRS