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Photo of
ID: 267
Early Warning System Detects Seasonal Vegetation Changes

SRS' Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center is partnering with NASA's Stennis Space Center to produce a series of seamless datase ...

Principal Investigator : William Hargrove

Resource Management and Use2010SRS
Photo of ForWarn forest change image: blue indicates normal forest conditions compared to the previous year and green to red indicates moderate to extreme vegetative change. Forest Service
ID: 132
ForWarn Monitors Forests Coast-to-Coast

Web-based tool provides a weekly snapshot of U.S. forest conditions to aid forest managers

Principal Investigator : William Hargrove

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Invasive Species
Resource Management and Use
Photo of ForWarn allowed researchers and managers to monitor the magnitude (left) and duration (right) of damage from the 2015 gypsy moth outbreak in Pennsylvania. For every map cell, duration of the disturbance over the growing season is shown as the number of Map images courtesy of ForWarn. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1101
ForWarn Provides New Insight into Duration and Impacts of Forest Disturbances

Since its inception in 2010, the ForWarn system has provided weekly maps that illustrate disturbance across the nation's forests. ForWarn resear ...

Principal Investigator : William Hargrove

Inventory and Monitoring2016SRS