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Photo of Hoary bats (Lasiurus cinereus) are the most frequent fatalities at wind energy facilites. Forest Service
ID: 105
Echolocation Monitoring Models Bat Occupancy Near Wind Energy Facilities

Model could mitigate the effects of wind energy development on populations of migratory bats

Principal Investigator : Ted Weller

Wildlife and Fish
Resource Management and Use
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of A bat with an attached GPS tag. Ted Weller, USDA Forest Service
ID: 815
Long-term Attachment of Miniature Data-loggers Reveal Novel Aspects of Bat Ecology

Migratory routes used by bats and their behavior during migration have long been difficult to ascertain. Data logging tags were attached to hoar ...

Principal Investigator : Ted Weller

Inventory and Monitoring2015PSW