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Photo of A cross-section of a fire-scarred yellow pine, collected at Shawnee State Forest, Ohio.  This tree established in 1865 and had seven fire scars, indicated by arrows, dating from 1888 to 1941.
ID: 1229
Insights from a 250-year history of fire in the Appalachian Plateau of Ohio and Kentucky

In many eastern U.S. forests, undesirable shifts in tree species abundance are occurring. For oaks and pines, it is widely believed that the dec ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Hutchinson

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Repeated prescribed fires may improve the regeneration potential of oak in canopy gaps. Forest Service
ID: 61
Repeated Prescribed Fires Help Sustain Oak Regeneration in Eastern Forests

Research findings can help managers in their quest to sustain this forest type throughout Eastern North America

Principal Investigator : Todd Hutchinson

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of Testing the effects of species source on combustion properties of Ohio Hills fuel beds at the Forest Product Laboratory. Matthew B. Dickinson, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1127
Shift Toward Mesophytic Species in Oak Forests May Limit Fire Reintroduction

Exclusion of fire from eastern mixed-oak forests is widely understood to be an important explanation for difficulty in regenerating oaks. Forest ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Hutchinson

Wildland Fire and Fuels2016NRS
Photo of Tree regeneration 5 years after herciide treatment and shelterwood harvest. USDA Forest Service.
ID: 870
The Devil is in the Details for Regeneration Success in Mixed-oak Forests

To improve oak regeneration, Forest Service scientists are studying shelterwood harvest with herbicide and prescribed fire treatments. Although ...

Principal Investigator : Todd Hutchinson

Resource Management and Use2015NRS