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Photo of Economic costs of fighting the largest fires are increasing. Georgia Forestry Commission
ID: 732
Analyzing How to Increase Fireline Production Efficiency

Operational data on fireline production rates are generally lower than the rates identified by expert panel estimates. This study found the lowe ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas P. Holmes

Wildland Fire and Fuels2014SRS
Photo of
ID: 262
Economics and Spread of Invasives

An SRS scientist recently led an interdisciplinary team that proposed new methods for evaluating the economic damages of invasive species on for ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas P. Holmes

Invasive Species2010SRS
Photo of Forests protect and enhance multiple values of water resources. 34535243073_1f4737e4b3_o.jpg

ID: 1469
Estimating the contribution of forests to the economic value of water resource ecosystem services

Forest vegetation is a valuable source of natural capital. Changes in forest cover could affect water resources. This study describes how to est ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas P. Holmes

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of Wilderness offers opportunities for solitude, challenge and inspiration and attracts recreationists to remote communities where visitor expenditures enhance local income and job growth.
ID: 1304
Wilderness areas contribute to economic health of rural communities

Forest Service scientists Tom Holmes and Eric White collaborated with Evan Hjerpe of the Conservation Economics Institute to estimate the econom ...

Principal Investigator : Thomas P. Holmes

Resource Management and Use2017SRS