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Photo of African tulip trees, on kartz topography, showing more abundant bryophyte cover at the bases of their tree trunks. Frank  Su?rez, Biology Department, Mayagez Campus, University of Puerto Rico
ID: 311
Novel secondary forests provide valuable habitat for non-vascular plants

The value of secondary forests dominated by introduced species has been the subject of much debate. Forest Service sponsored research in Puerto ...

Principal Investigator : Skip Van Bloem

Invasive Species2011IITF
Photo of A flush of new growth on an ultra-fast growing mahogany sapling. Forest Service
ID: 180
Population Dynamics of Big-leaf Mahogany in the Brazilian Amazon

The Mahogany Project seeks to understand what makes big-leaf mahogany 'tick' in southeast Amazonia by monitoring vital rates for all stages of i ...

Principal Investigator : Skip Van Bloem

Resource Management and Use2010IITF