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Photo of Indiana bat. Caroline Byrne, Indiana State University.
ID: 1076
A Landscape Model for Predicting Roost Habitat of the Endangered Indiana Bat in the Southern Appalachians

The endangered Indiana bat commonly roosts in yellow pines in the Southern Appalachians. Forest Service scientists at the agency’s Southern Re ...

Principal Investigator : Susan C. Loeb

Wildlife and Fish2016SRS
Photo of
ID: 297
Riparian Zones

In a recent study on the Nantahala National Forest in western North Carolina, Forest Service scientists investigated the importance of riparian ...

Principal Investigator : Susan C. Loeb

Wildlife and Fish2010SRS
Photo of Cluster of little brown bats roosting in cave. Tim Krynak, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
ID: 927
The Forest Service Publishes a Plan for the North American Bat Monitoring Program

A new Forest Service report provides detailed guidelines for participating in the plan, an international multiagency program created to provide ...

Principal Investigator : Susan C. Loeb

Wildlife and Fish2015SRS
Photo of A little brown bat is infected with white-nose syndrome (WNS).  Nancy Heaslip, NY Department of Environmental Conservation
ID: 712
Tracking the Decline of Bats in North America

Though it's well known that bats in North America are declining rapidly from white-nose syndrome (WNS), wind energy development and other causes ...

Principal Investigator : Susan C. Loeb

Wildlife and Fish2014SRS