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Photo of View of vegetative recovery five years after fire on a Colorado Plateau site includes scattered mountain big sagebrush plants that grew from seeds that survived the fire. These young plants are just large enough to begin producing seeds. Plant density on this site is sufficient to support a prediction of full sagebrush recovery in 25-35 years after the fire. Stanley G Kitchen, USDA Forest Service
ID: 704
Climate Regulates Mountain big Sagebrush Recovery After Fire

Wildland fire plays a key role in shaping natural communities on semi-arid landscapes around the world. The composition and structure of plant c ...

Principal Investigator : Stanley G. Kitchen

Wildland Fire and Fuels2014RMRS
Photo of View of the Desert Experimental Range and administrative buildings after a summer rain. USDA Forest Service
ID: 799
Detecting Ecosystem Stress at the Desert Experimental Range

The Desert Experimental Range became an outdoor laboratory representative of a prominent ecosystem under stress with expectations that the rese ...

Principal Investigator : Stanley G. Kitchen

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