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Photo of Forest Service scientist Sean Healey (left) in front of Beijing Forestry University with Dr. Klaus von Gadow of that institution. USDA Forest Service
ID: 769
National Estimates of China’s Forests Become More Consistent and Precise, Thanks to Forest Service Scientists

Scientist helps the Chinese National Forest Inventory document methods and conclusions of China's efforts to understand its own forests.

Principal Investigator : Sean P. Healey

Inventory and Monitoring2015RMRS
Photo of Armillaria mellea is a parasitic fungus that frequently causes root disease in forests of the US. Mars 2002, Wikimedia Commons.
ID: 1000
Root Disease Quietly Holds Back Forest Carbon Storage

Dramatic disturbances such as wildfires and harvests command attention, but subtler processes such as root disease can be equally important in d ...

Principal Investigator : Sean P. Healey

Inventory and Monitoring
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Photo of Fires release large amounts of carbon to the atmosphere through combustion, and create even larger amounts of dead material that breaks down and is emitted over longer time frames. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
ID: 550
Scientists Study the Effects of Management and Natural Disturbance on Carbon Storage in National Forests and Rangelands

Researchers combined satellite-based maps with Forest Inventory and Analyses (FIA) plot data and other resources to develop the Forest Carbon Ma ...

Principal Investigator : Sean P. Healey

Inventory and Monitoring2013RMRS
Photo of ForCaMF output showing non-soil carbon storage in all forests burned in Ravalli County, Montana, between 1999 and 2001.  The 100-year projected carbon storage following observed fire patterns and intensities (blue) is contrasted with storage associated with the same stands if no fire had occurred (green).  Error bars represent the standard deviation of 2000 simulations. Forest Service
ID: 382
Visualizing carbon storage of harvested and burned forests

New research at the Rocky Mountain Research Station has developed a process to visualize how harvested and burned stands contribute to overall c ...

Principal Investigator : Sean P. Healey

Resource Management and Use2011RMRS