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Photo of Invasive Japanese knotweed spreads aggressively along river banks, as it has here along Wildcat Creek in western Washington. Shannon Claeson, USDA Forest Service
ID: 528
Herbicide Eradication of Invasive Plants May Release Exotic Invaders

Noxious weed control programs can benefit from including post-treatment plant community surveys to determine if continued management is needed t ...

Principal Investigator : Shannon Claeson

Invasive Species2013PNW
Photo of Trout Creek, Washington, after removal of the Hemlock Dam. USDA Forest Service
ID: 783
River Conditions Improve with a Modified Dam Removal Strategy in Washington State

Forest Service scientists used a modified dam-removal strategy on the Hemlock Dam in Washington to successfully minimize downstream sedimentatio ...

Principal Investigator : Shannon Claeson

Wildlife and Fish
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