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Photo of No vacancy: This pouch, laced with the pheromone verbenone, tricks bark beetles into thinking the tree has already been colonized. Rob Progar, USDA Forest Service
ID: 522
Natural Pheromone Found to Repel Mountain Pine Beetles When Outbreak Builds Gradually

Forest Service scientists found that applications of verbenone reduced mountain pine beetle infestation of lodgepole pine trees in treated areas ...

Principal Investigator : Robert Progar

Invasive Species2013PNW
Photo of Members of the Southern Idaho Biocontrol Program help with a study to determine if releasing large numbers of flea beetles is an effective way to control leafy spurge, an invasive weed. Robert Progar, Forest Service
ID: 344
Use of insects tested to control invasive riparian weed

Leafy spurge is an invasive weed that has appeared along streams throughout much of the country. Resource managers need way to control leafy spu ...

Principal Investigator : Robert Progar

Invasive Species2011PNW