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Photo of Forest Service researchers set drift nets to sample larval fish and shrimp that are released to the water column. USDA Forest Service
ID: 919
Impacts of Cimate Change on Pacific Island Streams

Forest Service scientists studied how various ecological and hydrological functions responded to changes in rainfall. Streamflow and metrics all ...

Principal Investigator : Richard A. Mackenzie

Water, Air, and Soil
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Fish screen installed in a wetland unit at the Hanalai National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai. Fish are removed from the water as it flows through the screen. The fish-free water is then used to flood the wetland unit behind the screen. Richard MacKenzie, USDA Forest Service
ID: 684
Keeping Out Exotic Fish Improves Endangered Hawaiian Waterbird Habitat

Exotic tilapia and mosquito fish are found in aquatic ecosystems throughout the Hawaiian Islands where they degrade native fish and waterbird ha ...

Principal Investigator : Richard A. Mackenzie

Invasive Species
Inventory and Monitoring
Wildlife and Fish