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Photo of A non-native grass invades a forest in the southeastern United States. Researchers are identifying and measuring factors that contribute to habitat invasibility, degree of invasion, and species invasiveness. U.S. Forest Service -
ID: 905
Invasive Plants’ Success Depends on Native Species Richness and Biomass

For better control and management of invasive plant species, research must uncover the factors that contribute to habitat invasibility, degree o ...

Principal Investigator : Qinfeng Guo

Invasive Species2015SRS
Photo of English ivy is a common invasive woody climbing plant. David J. Moorehead, University of Georgia
ID: 736
New Database Will Help Identify Potentially Invasive Plants in the United States

In order to examine parameters of plant invasion success in the United States, scientists with the Forest Service's Eastern Forest Environmental ...

Principal Investigator : Qinfeng Guo

Invasive Species
Resource Management and Use
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of
ID: 299
U.S. Invasive Plants Identified in Comprehensive Database

Scientists in SRS' Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center are developing a database of the more than 4,000 plants introduced into ...

Principal Investigator : Qinfeng Guo

Inventory and Monitoring2010SRS