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Photo of Sequential vacuum treatment of southern pine with naturally occurring cellulose nanocrystals followed by biocide demonstrated penetration of wood before agglomeration occurred (left), but reversing the treatment sequence resulted in agglomeration  on the surface of southern pine (right). USDA Forest Service
ID: 888
Cellulose Nanocrystals Chemically Entrap Biocide in Wood

Can cellulose nanomaterials play a role in the development of novel preservatives to protect wood products from biodeterioration?

Principal Investigator : Patricia K. Lebow

Resource Management and Use2015FPL
Photo of The stakes in the image are southern pine pressure treated with extractives of naturally durable wood species. These stakes have been installed in ground contact in Mississippi and Wisconsin and will be evaluated for the next 10 years.
ID: 1298
Effective utilization of naturally durable wood biomass offers an overlooked source of potential wood protectants

Forest Service researchers at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisc., are evaluating extractives as potential next-generation wood pre ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia K. Lebow

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Invasive Species
Resource Management and Use
Photo of
ID: 156
Improving Accelerated Testing of Durable Wood Products

Durable wood products such as posts, poles and timbers are expected to resist decay and termite attack for several decades. Testing the durabili ...

Principal Investigator : Patricia K. Lebow

Resource Management and Use2010FPL