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Photo of Sampling tank-stored fracing fluids. Pam Edwards, Forest Service
ID: 314
Chloride Concentrations in Recovered Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Increase With Depth of Tank

The hydraulic fracturing fluid used in natural gas extraction in the northeastern Appalachians raises concerns about safe disposal. Forest Servi ...

Principal Investigator : Pamela Edwards

Water, Air, and Soil2011NRS
Photo of Gravel application to a newly constructed forest road to protect the road surface from erosion, and woody material from the road right-of-way positions as a windrow on the fillslope (right side of photo) to trap any sediment transported off the road.
ID: 1242
Comprehensive information about road best management practices effectiveness helps protect water quality on forest lands

Sediment is the most common pollutant associated with forests, and roads are the most common sources of sediment in forests. Best management pra ...

Principal Investigator : Pamela Edwards

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of A simple depiction of the hydrologic cycle Robin L. Quinlivan. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 987
Improving Watershed Management and Water Quality by Creating a More Informed Citizenry

Primers about hydrology, watershed management, and soil erosion were written to provide scientific information in an easy to understand format f ...

Principal Investigator : Pamela Edwards

Water, Air, and Soil2016NRS