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Photo of Comparison of vegetation change tracker output products without (left) and with (right) snow-covered winter satellite imagery. Kirk Stueve, Forest Service
ID: 318
Forest Land Estimates Improved by Novel Automated Mapping Technique Using Winter Satellite Imagery

Most automated satellite-based approaches for mapping forest lands rely on summer satellite imagery and are usually inconsistent with FIA plot-b ...

Principal Investigator : Charles H. (Hobie) Perry

Inventory and Monitoring2011NRS
Photo of Modeled spring runoff total phosphorus (mg/L) and turbidity (NTU) for watersheds with observed values (gauged) and based on landscape variables only (unguaged) for Lake Michigan.  Gray areas are the portions of the basin not modeled.  Charles Perry, USDA Forest Service
ID: 629
Linking Land Use to Water Quality

Sediment and phosphorus delivery to the Great Lakes is influenced by land use and land cover patterns. Forest Service scientists studied the imp ...

Principal Investigator : Charles H. (Hobie) Perry

Inventory and Monitoring2014NRS