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Photo of Vial of silver flies ready for field release. USDA Forest Service
ID: 860
First Release of a New Biological Control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Forest Service scientists and their research partners tested and released two species of silver flies from the western United States for biologi ...

Principal Investigator : Nathan P. Havill

Resource Management and Use2015NRS
Photo of Winter moths attracted to a porch light during an outbreak in Manomet, MA. Jeff Boettner, University of Massachusetts.
ID: 1176
Non-native Insect Hybridization Provides Opportunity for Research

A recent outbreak in New England of the non-native winter moth from Europe provides an unprecedented opportunity to examine the effects of hybri ...

Principal Investigator : Nathan P. Havill

Invasive Species2016NRS
Photo of A silver fly on eastern hemlock infested with hemlock woolly adelgid.
ID: 1240
Silver flies show promise as potential biological controls of hemlock woolly adelgid

Forest Service science is identifying potential biological control of hemlock wooly adelgid, an invasive insect that is devastating hemlock tree ...

Principal Investigator : Nathan P. Havill

Invasive Species2017NRS